Appraised Value vs. Market Value                                   

Home Price Appreciation                                                 

Avoid Foreclosure

When A House Isn't Selling

Carpeting, the Cost-Effective Choice

Carpeting, the Cost-Effective Choice continued

Tax Considerations

Institute Warns Home Owners About Equity Use

"Canine Redlining" And Other Woes Impacting
Homeowners Insurance

Sagging Drywall Seams

Getting Decked

Tips for Selling in a Buyer's Market

Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Can You Afford To Choose?

Multiple Counteroffers Can Backfire

Staging Helps Sell Homes

Room-By-Room Tour Demonstrates Power of Staging


There's More To A Sick House Than Just Mold

How to Kid-Proof Your House

When and Why to Disclose 

CLUE Reports: The Next Sellers' Disclosure

Tool Takes Out the Grunt Work

Fourteen Repairs to Make Before Selling

Don't Wait To Plan Your Estate

Get Turned On To Landscape Lighting

Insurers Keep a Secret History of Your Home