Fixer-Uppers continued

Investing in  Foreclosures

Investing in Foreclosures continued

String of Investments Leads to Rent-Free Living

Feasibility Study

Investing in Rental House for Big Profit

Look For The Right Things Wrong When Buying a Rental House

Investing in Condos

Investing in Condos continued

Profiting From Rental Properties

Playing Landlord

Who Are You?

Affordable Housing Issues Need Local Action

Sit!  Stay!  Rent!

Common Sense Tips for Investors in Real Estate

Shopping For a Condo

How Much Money Do You Need for Retirement?

Second Homes Remain Sound Investment

Writing Off Rental Repairs

Permanent Fixture, Permanent Property?

Investor 101

Return on Remodeling

How to Negotiate Counter-Offers

Location? Not! Timing? Sweet!

Estimate That Project Yourself

Less New Development, More Restoration, Expert