How Much Home Can I Afford?                           

Negotiating and Closing a Good Deal.

Negotiating and Closing a Good Deal continued

Escrow and Closing Costs

Escrow and Closing Costs continued

Finding the Right Home   

Finding the Right Home continued

Prepared to Make an Offer?   

VA Inspection is NOT a Home Inspection

Is It Time to Celebrate?

Home Inspection Questions

Buying A New House, Getting A Dog

Buying A New House, Getting a Dog continued

Benefits of a Pre-Sale Inspection

Understanding the Inspection Contract

Multiple Offers Can Drive the Price Up

Dispelling the Myths that May be Keeping You From Owning a Home

Applying for a Mortgage? What You'll Need to Get Started


Get the Best Mortgage

Rate Lock-In

What Is In Your Credit Report?

Know Your Lenders

Narrowing the Gap

Home Inspection for New Construction?

Steps to Raise Credit Scores Could Prove Costly

How Do You Shop Settlement Costs?

Four Credit-Scoring Myths

Catching Glitches in Time Saves the Sale

Ways to Leap Over the Down-Payment Hurdle